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Employee of the Month



About GCSJ - Our Staff


Employee of the Month is designed to recognize an outstanding employee for their dedication, hard work, and contributions to our overall success. If you know of a great employee and would like to nominate them for this recognition, just send us an email or letter.

The GCSJ Employee who has excelled in August 2013:

The Summer of the GCSJ Staff

GCSJ Employees of the MonthThe summer of 2013 has been a challenging summer for the Gastro Family. As most of our patients are aware, our beloved Dr. deLacy has been out on medical leave. The great news is that he will be returning to the Practice by the new year. All the physicians have stepped up and handled with care and dedication all of Dr. deLacy's patients.

The Gastro staff has been exceptional-more so than usual. Each department, each employee has gone above and beyond the call of duty. The entire staff has made sure that all of our patients have continued with the exceptional care they are accustomed to. It was extremely difficult for us to choose just one employee for the month of August. Instead, we have decided to choose the entire staff and crown the month of August "The Summer of the Staff". Words cannot express how amazing and cohesive this group of wonderful employees have been. The staff each and every morning come to the office ready to work and do what ever is needed and requested of them-all with a smiles on their faces. Our staff also took minimal vacation time over the summer so they could be in the office and support their team with the overwhelming workload. Gastro is truly blessed to have such dedicated staff who love their job.

We want to congratulate the entire staff for always putting forth their best efforts. Without their hard work and dedication, Gastro would not be the superior office that we are. Our patients are truly fortunate to have such a great team working at the Gastro office. Again, Congratulations to the entire staff for being the best you can be. Here's to the "Summer of the Staff"!.

[ update: September 2013 ]


click on Text link  Jeffrey J. Kutscher, M.D.
click on Text link  Maurice D. Leonard, M.D.
click on Text link  William H. Taub, M.D.
click on Text link  Hugh M. Lasch, M.D.
click on Text link  Nidhir R. Sheth, M.D.
click on Text link  Lee M. deLacy, M.D.
click on Text link  Monica B. Awsare, M.D.
click on Text link  Sinan Kutty, M.D.

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