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Patient Questions:
Please telephone us
  (609) 265-1700

If unable to keep appointment, we must have the following advance notice for:
    Office Visits = 48 hr notice,
    Procedures = 72 hr notice.
    See: Cancellation document.

Driving Instructions and Maps, go to:
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Telemedicine is the use of electronic communications
 to provide clinical services to patients
without an in-person visit.


If you have a Telemedicine Appointment with your doctor go to:  Doxy.me

Once in Doxy.me click on:
Sign in for Free
Click on: I am the patient

Type in the following code for your Doctor as follows and do not  remove the link in the browser:

Dr. Jeffrey Kutscher:   Doxy.me/Drkutscher

Dr. William Taub:  Doxy.me/DrWTaub

Dr. Maurice Leonard:   Doxy.me/DrMLeonard

Dr. Nidhir Sheth:   Doxy.me/DrNsheth

Dr. Monica Awsare:   Doxy.me/Drawsare

Dr. Lee deLacy:   Doxy.me/Drdelacy

Dr. Jitha Rai-Patel:   Doxy.me/Drrai

Dr. Mayank Lahoti:   Doxy.me/Drlahoti

If you have a Telemedicine Appointment with one of our Doctors, 
please make sure you are ready for your visit by doing the following:

  • Please make sure that your internet is working and your camera and microphone are turned on;

  • If using a laptop or workstation- you must use Google Chrome (free download below*);

  • Have your phone ready as a back-up if your laptop or workstation poses difficulty for whatever reason during your telemedicine visit;

  • Make sure you are in a private area so that you can give the doctor your full attention during your visit and you are not distracted and/or walking around. 

Telemedicine Instruction PDF Document to PRINT & Save

**** REMEMBER ****
This is an office visit no different than if you were in the office with your physician. 
Your co-pay applies and your visit will be submitted to your insurance carrier.

*Download Google CHROME for free:   https://www.google.com/chrome/


about any questions directed to a physician regarding health care.

If you have any questions or concerns for the physician, about an appointment, or medications
please TELEPHONE the office directly at (609) 265-1700 .  Do NOT email any questions.

We advise you to make an appointment to discuss any problems occurring.

A list of Phone Extensions may be found on the About Us page.

Emergency Medical Question?
Please disconnect from the Internet, and call your individual Physician, go to a medical Hospital facility, or dial 911 immediately.
Personal information is NOT collected from the Internet. Please read our Privacy Policy.


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